If you're interested in placing your advertisment inside REDitor II program, there is an opportunity to do such a beautiful thing.
You're offered to place your advertisment in the Main Menu of REDitor II. Just look, how cool and eye-catching it is:


By clicking on your menu item, the user will be redirected to your web page.
We swear, users look at and use the Main Menu very often (i guess, it's called Main Menu not by an accident :) ).
You can also be sure, each version of the program is downloaded at least 3500-4000 times.
Here is the statistics of REDitor II Release 6, the screenshot is made on February, 28th. So, 7674 downloads only from the primary link in less than 2 months. Isn't that cool, yeah!? ;)

Moreover, there were more than 90,000 launches of the tool in January, 2011 and about 51,000 in February, 2011. The statistic says, about 300-350 unique users run the program every day.
These statistics are based on the number of requests, the tool automatically sends on each run to the special web-site to check, if a newer version is released.

So, you are the owner of a basketball-dedicated web-site, who's looking for more visitors? You want to attract more people to take part in your On-Line Sports League?
Placing your advertisment inside REDitor II is the best choice in this case.

The price isn't too big. It costs only $0.35 per symbol per month.
So, in the example, given above, we have 16 symbols. The total price per month will be $5.6 in this case. And even more, if you pay for 2 or more months at once, you get a 10% discount.
If you're ready to place your ads, send a message to REDitor@ya.ru, subjected "Advertisment".

The limitations:
Minimal amount of symbols per one ad is 4. Minimal ordering period is 1 month. Maximal ordering period is 3 months.

Additional information:
I don't want to put a lot of ads inside the program. Still, if you're interested in placing your advertisment somewhere else, other than Main Menu, just drop a message to REDitor@ya.ru, containing your proposal: we will discuss it.